Seed & Fertilizer

Seed and Fertilizer

It’s that time of year to fertilize your lawn. The best way to fertilize a lawn is with a Spyker rotary spreader.  A professional grade Spyker rotary spreader, also known as broadcast spreader, is the best to use for all lawns, except for the smallest of yards. Spyker spreaders are accurate;  they cover a lot of area with minimal work, and will last for many years (if maintained properly). Start by measuring the square footage of the lawn which will estimate the amount of fertilizer you'll need. Make sure to buy a good-quality fertilizer like the ones we carry at Empire. The bag will include instructions for use and a table with information regarding the settings for various brands of spreaders.



Our Own Custom Blends include:

  • Empire Sun & Shade Mix
  •  Empire Landscapers Select Mix
  • Empire Perennial Rye Blend
  • Hunterdon County Mix
  • Empire Ultimate Tall Fescue Blend 

Fertilizer - New Laws for New Jersey

The New Jersey Fertilizer Law was conceived to protect all New Jersey surface and ground waters from harm by minimizing nitrogen and phosphorus loading that may be a result from lawn fertilizer. Generally, excess nitrogen is a threat to coastal water (estuaries) quality while excess phosphorus is a greater concern for fresh water quality. Both nutrients are also important for plant growth and health.  For more information regarding this new law effective March 1st, 2012 visit: for a copy of the actual official document.

We stock professional grade fertilizers & control products from leading manufacturers to fit all of your turf needs.



With the leading brand of spreaders for commercial lawn and turf professionals moving under the same roof as the leader in high-quality lawn and garden equipment, the customer is guaranteed a win! The combined engineering, expertise, training, testing, and overall resources benefit customers from both sectors of the industry.


Core Products

  • Grass Seed
  • Fertilizer
  • Seedaide
  • HydroMulch
  • Ground Logic Pathfinder Spreader

Tips from the Expert

5 Step Lawn Fertilizer Program : The 5 Step Lawn Fertilizer Program. Read More

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